Recently I have gone through one of my friend’s blog to review. While reviewing the content on his blog, I found most of his posts from the blog are copied by others (content scrapping), and they are ranking above in search engines. Which made him to loose traffic from search engines of-course made him anger too. Later we filed DMCA complaint against those who copied the content.

One thing we observed from the blogs which copied our content is, only the content without images and the How to guides without watermark on images are copied. After noticing this we decided to watermark every image (our own) in the posts.
To protect our images from being copied we tested some watermarking plugins. And we found some best watermarking wordpress plugins, and sharing here. If you don’t want to experience this then use any of these plugins especially if you are Graphic-Designer,Blogger,and Photographer.

Best Watermarking WordPress Plugins:-

Image Watermark:

This is powerful tool and perfect tool for graphic designers and photographers, to watermark the images and personally prefer this plugin to watermark the images on my site.Image Watermark tool comes with some advanced features like protecting the images from logged in members and non logged in members of your site.
You can choose the position of your watermark on the images. And also you can select the sizes of image on which watermark should be applied.The best thing I love in this plugin which attracted me is transparency control of the watermark and adding the watermark to all the previously  uploaded images.

You can get the plugin from here.


WaterMark is the unique image watermark WordPress  plugin,Because this is only WordPress plugin I found which enabled me to add and also remove the watermark on the images (after deactivation of the plugin) removing the watermark from the image once it is added is not done in the plugins i found. This will add the watermark to the images at .htaccess file level.
The main disadvantage of this plugin is this can’t be used on all the image formats it only supports the .jpg as of now. Hope the developers will soon support other image format too.
You can get this plugin from here.

Signature Watermark:

Signature Watermark WordPress plugin , This plugin adds the watermark images in a professional way. This plugin can add the both image and text as  watermark on your images,It comes with bulk of features choosing the transparency type and font type too.
It lacks feature of adding the watermark to the previously uploaded images. To over come this you can get the Bulk watermark from makers of the Signature Watermark plugin.
If you want more advanced options then for you, There is also a premium version of this plugin.
You can get Signature Watermark from here free version.

Download Link

Easy Watermark:

Easy Watermark is another powerful and simple tool to watermark your images.
This plugin supports watermarking your images with images and the text too. You also have the option to change the color,size and orentiaiton of the watermark on your images.And this plugin fully supports the transparency of the watermark on the image.

Note:- Don’t use any plugin mentioned directly on your productive site. Because there are some plugins mentioned above which can’t remove the watermark on your images, once they are added. So there will be no chance of reverting back the images. So before you use try them on your development site.

Download Link

And a small tip:
Always add the watermark at the center because if you add the watermark at the corners, there will be chance of using your image by cropping the image.