How to Add Public SSH Key to Remote Server in a Single Command

If you are annoyed to remember the passwords of your remote servers just like me, Then this post is for me and for you. By adding the Public SSH key to the remote server you can connect to the server without any password. All you need is to just add the public key to authorized

How to Delete your Gmail account

Although it is difficult to understand that someone wants to unsubscribe from a Gmail account, because the service is really good, they can always be cases like this happens and cute world is free to do what you want as you do not hurt your neighbor as there is a way to close your account

How to Check Status of Nginx Server

Knowing about your Nginx server’s performance can help you in better optimization and get most out of the server. There are many tools out there like ServerDensity, Luameter, New Relic’s APM (If you are having any favorite tool let me know 🙂 ) and few other tools which can help you in checking the stats

Compile Java Code Directly from NotePad++ How To

NotePad++ is a free and powerful text editor which is making the works for developers and programmers so easy to edit code in multiple programming languages without shifting to  another specific language text editor to edit or write the code.NotePad++ supports  almost all the popular programming languages. And You can also define your programming language

Best Watermark WordPress Plugins to Protect Images

Recently I have gone through one of my friend’s blog to review. While reviewing the content on his blog, I found most of his posts from the blog are copied by others (content scrapping), and they are ranking above in search engines. Which made him to loose traffic from search engines of-course made him anger

Combine (Merge) Multiple GMail Accounts to Single Inbox

Having more than one G-Mail account had become today so essential to meet the needs, Having more than one Gmail account can be useful for some people to separate the personal mails and work mails. But if one is having more than two accounts it’s annoying thing for them to check all the emails by

Use Multiple Skype Accounts on Single Windows 8/8.1 PC

For various reason we have multiple accounts on online world :-D. So you may be also having multiple Skype Accounts just like having multiple dropbox accounts for work and personal usage as I have. Having multiple accounts can be convenient and at the same time it is also time consuming in maintain multiple accounts especially

Manage your PDF Files like a Pro Edit PDF Files, Add Headers to PDF files

Today PDF files are very common on internet, Every one is using them, But not every one is comfort with editing the pdf files. If you are one of them and looking to manage your PDF files like a pro user, then this post is absolutely for you. There are many free tools and paid

Sync your Files automatically to Your own WebHost with FTPBOX

Are running out of space on the popular cloud-hosting services? Or Are you looking for the cloud hosting service which gives you full control over your files on cloud. what ever the reason you may have here is how you can host the files on your own web host. Just like you sync your files

Add Google Custom Search on WordPress Blog

Is your default WordPress search engine not giving your blog readers the correct results for the user’s queries, then you should be using the Google search custom engine to provide right results to your blog readers and make them to stay on your site. As we know that Google is one of best search engines